Monday, October 11, 2010

Over Due Buckway Update!!!

Well hello friends and family! SO sorry I have been absent from blogging for the past ........... lets just say really really long time. Since my last entry our lives have done a 180. So much has changed. Lets reflect back on Nov. 2009, if your thinking at this point that this is going to be a very long blog entry then your probably right. I will try to paraphrase the best I can. So Hawaii was a dream. We loved living in Kona for the short four months that we did. The actual internship was not ideal but instead of remembering that drama I like to remember all the days Gary and I spent laying on the beach, listening to the waves, and reading/talking. We love love loved being beach bums for a while. When we got home, we both got jobs. I was working as an office manager for a dental office and Gary was selling cars. We were living with my parents and saving up money, i know really cool. As lame as it sounds we loved living there. My mom is the most wonderful woman in the world and was always cooking and caring for us. We had a lot of fun but we were wondering when things were going to kick into gear.

Gary officially graduated in April with his Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I am so proud of him. He didn't love school but he stuck it out and completed a really tough major. Thats my man!

We then decided we would start looking for a home. Just FYI for those of you that don't own a home yet. It is the most time consuming, stressful, and annoying process known to man. Ok, that might be some what of an exaggeration, but it was a very long process. We finally found a perfect town home for us in Draper. We live on Daisy Field Dr. Don't you just love the sound of that. It's just as cute as it sounds. It is a three bedroom, two bath and is the perfect size for us.

During this annoying house hunt, I was constantly looking for jobs. I did not feel content as an office manager. With my degree in Exercise Science, it was definitely not an ideal job for me. It was just a job to pay the bills. I was constantly applying for jobs and better opportunities. little did I know what was in store for me. When I was searching online I found the perfect job for me. It was a Group Fitness Manager for the 24 Hour Fitnesses In Utah. I knew it was a big stretch to get such a great job but I applied. I also facebooked and emailed the hiring manager and did what ever else it took to get noticed. Then, miraculously I got called for an interview. It was a three step interview process. I was at the gym getting ready to teach a Turbo Kick class when I got the call saying that I got the job!!!!! It was one of the happiest days of my life. I taught a rocking Turbo class after that. Ever since that day I have been working harder then I ever have before. This is an incredible job and it is A LOT of work! I am in charge of the Group Fitness program for every club in Utah - Total of 7. I am in charge of hiring/firing new instructors, budgets, changing schedules, coordinating over 100 instructors, promoting our national partners, launching new formats, and the list goes on. I am growing so much with this job. I love a good challenge and this is definitely one of those. I am getting a little bit better at time management but some times I just have to force myself to not think about work for just an hour out of the day or so. It is just so hard when there is so much going on. Having an obsessive personality doesn't help much.

Gary just put in his two weeks at the car dealership and is looking for something new. If any of you know of anything please let us know. He is a very smart man that just needs the right opportunity to apply his incredible qualities.

The last Buckway update is the best so far. About four months ago we surprisingly found out that we are PREGNANT!! WHAT! Crazy, i know. It still has not officially sunk in. Even though it was a surprise, it feels like it happened right when it should have. It feels so right. The baby is just a little bean right now, but I just love it so so so much! I have been so busy that it still hasn't quite sunk in yet. Hopefully it hits me a little bit more before it is hear! We find out on Oct.25th what we are having. Gary is so excited! My mom bought us a crib the other day. I surprised Gary with it when he got home from work. It was so fun to see how excited he was about it. It is so incredible thinking that you made a child with the love of your life and that our baby is going to share our features. Its amazing! It has been going on since the beginning of time but you just don't realize how incredible it is until it happens to you.

Well, that is our novel of an update. Thank you for reading and caring. Life is so good! Below are some random pictures of the last while.

I just wanted you guys to see how goofy my family is....

And how Beautiful my sisters are!

Region 105 at IDEA. Go Froot Loops!

Getting read to pump it at BODY PUMP!
The 24 HF Thugs!

What! I am pregnant????

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 years down, another 80 to go!

Hello everyone! If your pinching yourself right now to see if this is for real then pinch no further! Yes, thats right, I am actually blogging again. WOW! Sorry for my lack of posts. If it makes you feel any better I am always viewing yours but I am just not doing a whole lot with mine. Anyways, Gary and I Celebrated our 3rd year anniversary a couple of weeks ago and it was soooooo much fun! I have been waiting to blog so I could get the pictures of our fun filled weekend, but that is taking too much time and I don't want the memories to go away. So Gary and I decided that I would plan our Saturday activities and that he would plan our Sunday activities. So, on Saturday I started off the day with a surprise trip to "Momentum," an indoor rock climbing place. Gary was in heaven. I actually made it to the top which is huge for me with my fear of heights and all. It was so fun! Then we went out to lunch at this Rock climbing cafe. I love the organic, boarder line hippy, feel of decked out rock climbing people. I love being around them. So then we went to Cottonwood Heights, where I teach aerobics, and went swimming and relaxed in the hot tub. Our next activity was a romantic dinner at "Morellias," a nummy Mexican restaurant where Gary and I went to when we were dating. Then we went to "Wise Guys Comedy Club" which was soooooo fun! Gary and I were non stop laughing the entire time. I love it when Gary laughs hard. He gets this really high laugh and his eyes squint really tight. It makes me laugh harder! Then we stayed the night at Castle Creek Inn. This is a place down the steet that I pass by every day and have always wondered what it is like inside. It definitely did not disappoint! It was fantastic! We stayed in the Camelot Suit. The next day Gary had planned to go to Antelope Island. He had never been before and thought it would be fun and adventurous, which it was! For those of you who are wondering what is on antelope island, let me tell you. There is basically a whole lot of nothing on antelope island, ha! There are a lot of antelope and a lot of buffalo. A really neet place that we discovered there was an Old Ranch where people used to live. Brigham Young actually stayed there! They used to ship the buffalo over to antelope island, where they could not escape, and sale them so that the saints could afford to come to Utah. How cool is that! I actually felt the bed where he slept on. Love Brigham Young! After Antelope Island Gary said we were going to keep driving until we found an old fashion dinner in a boonville town where we could have dessert. So we drove for a little over an hour north to a town called "Treemonten" and had ice cream and pie at this adorable, right off a movie, dinner. Then we ended the fun filled weekend driving home. What a blast! I wish every weekend was our anniversary! I feel so lucky to have found such a wondering man to spend forever with. Love you babe!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beauty at its Finest!

Hapuna Beach! I have picked up running while I have been out hear. Gary and I went running up and down this beach. I swear I could have ran forever because it was just so beautiful!
Waipio Valley! Gary and I hiked around Waipio all day. Sometimes in the rain, sometimes in the river, and sometimes while singing the Indian Jones theme song. We were feeling pretty adventurous!

We ran into this beautiful waterfall while hiking in Waipio. Beauty doesn't get much better then this!

Green Sand Beach! I love living on the big island because you get every kind of beauty. We have seen green sand, black sand, and white sand beaches. One side is jungle tropical and the other is a volcano, but no matter where you go there are palm trees. It is so great! We love Hawaii!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aloha from Kona, Hawaii!!

Aloha family and friends! Oh how I miss you all! We are loving Kona more and more. I am having a tough time uploading images but these are sights that are just down the road from where I live. Yesterday we went to "Captain Cook" which is the number one place in the state for snorkeling. It was so beautiful! After we went to "Bungo Ben's" which is a fantastic restaurant. We stayed there and watched the sunset go down as we listened to the live band that was playing our wedding song. It was so Romantic and such a beautiful moment. We shared this seven layer chocolate cake that was sinfully good to top off the evening. It was a perfect day. I felt like for the first time since we have been here I really got to see the Island. It made me realize how lucky I am to have this opportunity and especially to share it with Gary. Since I have been here I have also come across some interesting facts about Hawaii that you don't realize unless you live here. Here they are

* The state fish in Hawaii is the Humuhumunucanucaapua' a. I get the biggest kick out of
this! I just find it so humorous. This just gives you an idea of how hard it is to pronounce the street names around here.

*Another interesting fact about the people here is that if a family has all boys then they turn there last child into a girl. Ya that's right. They dress them in skirts and have them play with barbies. So, as a result you see a lot of transvestites around these parts. Very interesting wouldn't you say?

*Unlike where I come from, the women here are the bread winners. The men stay home and do relatively nothing and the women work like crazy. And not suprisingly, domestic violent rates are incredibly high around here. Its pretty sad.

*On the other side of the Island of Hawaii is a town called Hilo which is the rainiest city in the US! They also have the highest mountain in the world here if you are measuring from sea level on up.

* Teen pregnancy is the worst I have ever seen here. It is not rare at all to see a group of young girls on the beach and one with a huge tummy. They even dedicate one of the pages in their high school year book for all the babies that were born that year.

* The Ironman takes place right down the street from me! This is a world wide ridiculous event! 26 mile run, 3 mile swim int he ocean, and 112 mile bike ride. The human body can do amazing things!

Well more is yet to come! Hopefully I will find a way to upload more pics. Love you all!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fitness Blog - Where Do I Start?

I had someone ask me how to get started with exercising. This is a great question. Sometimes exercise is hard to fit in your day and when you go out for a run or what not it can seem really exhausting and basically, not fun. Exercising is a consistent adaptation. Your body has to keep adapting in order for you to keep getting stronger. Even professional athletes have to keep pushing themselves and hitting that uncomfortable stage in order to build muscle and improve their skills. However, the more exercise you perform the more endurance and adrenalin you have to push through that adaptation phase so exercise becomes more doable and enjoyable. This is a concept that you should know before you begin an exercise program. It is a consistent adaptation. It is a lifestyle change. I would suggest to pick an exercise that you can enjoy. Exercise doesn't necessarily mean running, biking, or swimming. It can be dancing, yard work, roller blading, aerobics classes, hiking, etc. Create a hobby out of exercise. Make it a daily ritual. Also track you progress. If you choose to run, start at 10 minutes and then go to 12 minutes the next week. Its exciting to see what your body can really do, push yourself. Also make sure you have a healthy mind set before going into exercising. Do it for your health and happiness, not to look like the girls in hollywood or any other sterotype. The greatest thing about humanity is that we are all different. Love yourself now and weight loss or exercising or any goal for that matter will come much easier. If anyone, especially the person that asked me this question, would like me to create a specific exercise program for them then I would be more then happy to do so. The program would depend on your age, your goals, and your capability. I hope this helped. Thanks again for the question. Again if an one else has any other questions regarding health and fitness just let me know!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fitness Blog

Aloha everyone! Hawaii is beautiful and things are going great! I have to take a bunch of pics and then blog about it so be expecting some exciting blogs to come. For those who visited my other fitness blog and commented on it, thank you! For some reason I can't log onto the account so I figure I will do my fitness bloging on this account. Hopefully that works. SO, I had a person ask me about water and if it can help with weight loss. The answer to that question is yes! Water helps our kidneys function better and our kidneys help our Liver function better. The Liver is the "filter" of the body. It cleanses the digestive system which makes our metabolism faster. SO, in a nut shell, drinking water speeds up our metabolism! Yay! Not to mention it is good for our skin and helps produce more ATP which is what gives us energy. Water is grrrrrreat! I also got another question about muscle soreness and if it is ok to work out sore muscles. The answer is that it is 100% ok and even recommended to work out sore muscles. Working sore muscles can possibly break down the lactic acid that is making you sore. Just remember to always wait 48 hours before working out the same muscle group. When we work out our muscles we are damaging them. It is during the recovery time or healing time when you actually build muscle. SO, something to keep in mind. Thanks for these questions! It makes me feel good to talk about these things because I am not training in Hawaii and I miss it. Thanks again and please leave a comment on either this blog or even right me an email on my facebook or gmail account ( I will respond on this blog. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sike! We are off to Cozumel, Mexico

So we got a call today from Del Sol and they told us that we were going to Cozumel instead. They said that they reviewed Gary's resume and realized he had a lot of sales experience. Cozumel is their 2nd highest selling store and so they said they needed us there. I think I am even more excited about this destination then I was about Kona. Funny thing is that Gary and I have a picture just like this one in our bed room that says at the bottom "DREAM." We have always said that one day we will make it there and go to our dream place. I was going through images of Cozumel and this one is the exact same as that picture. We are going to our dream destination! We are so excited. Cozumel is 10 miles wide and 30 miles long! Its average temperature during fall is 70 degree's! Sounds like heaven to me! I am so excited!!!